Watch 59 Days in New York

59 Days in New York is a work in progress. To date, we’ve produced four episodes and two experimental shorts available for your viewing pleasure here and on YouTube. Our main character – singer-songwriter Amy – has successfully navigated her first 19 days in New York. Five more episodes are on their way following a successful Kickstarter campaign. To stay in the loop, catch up on the first four episodes here.

Episode 1: New York, New York!

With only 59 budgeted days before she runs out of money, Amy preps for moving to New York City to launch her career as a singer-songwriter. Armed with song and lots of chocolate, Amy meditates on leaving home and what she’ll need to ‘make it’ in the Big City.

Episode 2: Nice Little Home

Having survived dragging her bags through the New York subway system, Amy arrives at her apartment, ready to make a new home. But before she can settle in – where is her roommate and what will

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Episode 3: The Cover Letter

Starting day 2 of her New York adventure, Amy busies herself finding a job. Now it’s just a matter of cranking out the cover letters. Employers, prepare yourselves!

Episode 4: Thirty

Nineteen days into her New York adventure, Amy is convinced she is off to a promising start with her new internship. That is, at least, until she talks with her roommate and parents.