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Save Amy on Kickstarter - Contribute Here

Amy is four episodes and 19 days into her 59 Days in New York adventure. But to complete her remaining five episodes and to take the project to the next level, we need your help!

For thirty days only, we will be fundraising $8,700 to complete the remainder of the project. Where does that money go? Here is a breakdown of the areas we would like to improve in the upcoming five episodes of 59 Days:

Pay Our Crew:

Because they believe in the project, many people involved with 59 Days have generously worked for free. But people need to eat and pay rent. If we could provide decent wages, our cast, crew, and musicians wouldn’t have to reschedule shoots in order to take paying gigs. In other words, we would be able to get episodes out to you sooner.

Food and Props: 

When you are shooting for 10 hours a day, food is important. And surprise, surprise, feeding eight people pizza for lunch or dinner gets pricey. The same thing goes for props. A hat easily costs $15, while that Dolly poster was around $55. And it all adds up! We’re not planning to get extravagant. After all, this is a story about a girl who thinks buying new socks is expensive…

Extra Equipment and Locations: 

So far, we’ve been able to get away with using the camera and lighting equipment that our fabulous crew owns. However, bulbs blow out, and sometimes, we need extra supplies, like stands or a screen. Same goes for locations. We’ve kept costs down by shooting primarily in my room and apartment and outdoors. But if we had money for locations, Amy could explore new parts of New York, go to her internship and maybe even eat at a cafe.

Music Production: 

This is a musical, and as such, I want to provide you with great music. But in order to do that, we need to be able to afford good recordings and real musicians, rather than use Sibelius accompaniment. The music is at the heart and soul of the series! You only need to compare the music of the Kickstarter video with that of episodes 1 – 4 to hear how much musicians and a recording studio improves the quality of the series. With only $3500 more, we would be able to afford a small music ensemble to play for the remaining five episodes. And that would make the rest of 59 Days in New York truly sing!